I can’t log into the renewal portal

First check that you are not outside of the Expiry date of the policy.  The Expiry date is one day before the Renewal date.  For example, if your Renewal date is 2nd September, you will need to have logged in prior to the 2nd September.  The latest you could have renewed your policy online in this example would have been 1st September.

If you are within the Expiry date, check that you are inputting your log in details correctly.  The date needs to be in the format dd/mm/yyyy including the /

Also check that your have your 0 (zero’s) and O’s correct and any I’s and 1’s (one’s) in your Policy Number.  If you are still having trouble, go to Online Chat https://www.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/chat/ and we can quickly resolve any issues for you.

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