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Home Insurance for Bankrupt People

It can be surprising how many insurers will simply refuse to provide home insurance for bankrupt people. At Intelligent Insurance we strive to arrange home insurance for all, whether you’ve been declared bankrupt, have a poor credit score or have been refused insurance in the past. Whatever your personal circumstances, we will be happy to discuss your home insurance requirements.

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bankruptcy insurance

Bankruptcy Insurance

Regardless of your bankruptcy history, as a homeowner or tenant it is always advisable to have adequate home insurance cover in place in case the worst should happen. Most standard insurers prefer not to offer home insurance to people with bankruptcy history as the level of risk, on paper at least, is higher.

At Intelligent Insurance, we always strive to find a competitive home insurance quote, even if you or another member of your household has been declared bankrupt. We strive to find home insurance for people and properties under all sorts of circumstances, including bankruptcy and people with unspent criminal convictions.

Specialist Home Insurance for Bankrupt People

We assess every policy on its individual merits, taking all the facts into consideration in order to give the most realistic quote. At Intelligent Insurance we are usually able to arrange home insurance for people with:

  • Bankruptcy history
  • County Court Judgements (CCJ)
  • Independent Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)

If you are looking for home insurance and have been declared bankrupt in the past, contact Intelligent Insurance today and we’ll do our best to arrange the cover you require for a competitive price.

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