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Home Insurance with Claims History

Finding home insurance when you have made claims in the past can seem like an uphill struggle, with many insurers making it difficult to arrange cover or altogether refusing to offer home insurance with claims history. At Intelligent Insurance we strive to offer home insurance for all, whether you’ve made claims in the past or not.

  • High quality, competitively priced home insurance for people with claims history
  • Immediate online quote in most cases
  • Rated Excellent for customer service
home insurance claims history

Why does your Claims History Matter?

As with all types of insurance, if you have a made a claim in the recent past, you are automatically considered a greater risk to an insurer and therefore more likely to make a claim going forward. Many ‘standard’ insurers will therefore refuse to provide home insurance with claims history.

At Intelligent Insurance we take an objective view towards risk, and are typically able to arrange home insurance even if you’ve made multiple claims in the past. Our team will talk through your claims history and home insurance requirements, and in most cases will be able to tailor cover levels to suit your requirements.

Looking for Home Insurance but have Claims History?

If you are looking for home insurance but have a claims history then look no further than Intelligent Insurance. Whether you have been refused renewal by your current insurers or been declined home and contents insurance due to your claims history, at Intelligent Insurance we are usually able to help. Simply tell us all the details and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today to find out more.

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