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Home Insurance for Timber Frame Houses

If your home is constructed around a timber frame then you’re likely to require a specialist timber frame home insurance policy. Whether your home is a traditional Tudor property or modern eco-build, Intelligent Insurance will strive to arrange suitable cover for your timber frame home.

  • All types of timber framed properties considered
  • Immediate online quote in most cases
  • Rated Excellent for customer service
timber framed house insurance

Need Insurance for your Timber Frame Home?

timber framed house insurancePeople have been building houses with wooden frames for hundreds of years, many of which are still standing. All over the world timber is considered a material of choice when building homes, however because in the UK this method of building is considered ‘non-standard’, arranging suitable insurance can prove tricky.

At Intelligent Insurance we will consider all types of timber frame property, and have a team on-hand to help you with any questions you have in relation to getting the right cover for your home.

The Benefits of Finding the Right Timber Framed House Insurance

insurance for timber framed housesA property’s construction methods and materials have a direct impact on policies and premiums. Properties with timber frames can be more susceptible to widespread damage in the event of a fire, and specialist construction methods are often required during repairs. For this reason standard insurance policies rarely cover timber framed properties, so selecting an insurer that specialises in this area will ensure that your property has the right level of cover in case you ever need to make a claim.

Timber Frame House Insurance

Speak with our professional team today to discuss your timber frame house insurance requirements; and to get the specialist cover you need at a competitive price.

We are typically able to insure:

  • Old and Listed timber framed properties
  • Contemporary and eco-build homes
  • Timber framed conservatories and extensions
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