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What is a Certificate of Structural Adequacy?

A Certificate of Structural Adequacy (CSA) is typically issued following an insurance claim for subsidence, landslip or heave, issued under guidance of the Institution of Structural Engineers (1994).

The certificate is issued following completion of repairs and a period of monitoring.

The certificate details the cause and extent of structural damage; the repairs carried out and, importantly, a statement confirming that the affected part of the property is structurally sound.

The Certificate of Structural Adequacy typically contains:

  • The logo and contact details of the company that issued the certificate
  • The date of inspection and date of issue of the certificate
  • The full address of the property affected
  • A background to the structural damage experienced
  • The understood cause of the damage
  • The full extent of the repair work carried out, and by whom
  • A statement confirming that the affected part of the property is structurally sound
  • A statement confirming limitation of liability of the company issuing the certificate
  • Notes concerning the transfer of the certificate
  • Signature and/or details of the person issuing the certificate

Example of a Certificate of Structural Adequacy

Certificate of Structural Adequacy

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