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Securing home insurance and declaring a criminal conviction can be challenging, but it is important that you let your insurer know about your circumstances so that the right cover can be arranged.

Intelligent Insurance, as a specialist home insurance provider offers home insurance cover taking into account criminal convictions*.

Whether you choose to buy online or prefer to talk to one of our team, we specialise in providing competitively priced home insurance for various circumstances.

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Home Insurance Cover with a Criminal Conviction

Searching for home insurance with a criminal conviction? Intelligent Insurance can help. We arrange high-quality home insurance for diverse personal circumstances, ensuring that individuals with criminal convictions find suitable cover.

Understanding the nuances of your circumstances and criminal history is crucial for us to tailor the right coverage. Our user-friendly quotation process will guide you through a comprehensive set of questions, allowing you to accurately enter your conviction details and obtain home insurance with a criminal record in most cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Intelligent Insurance specialises in providing home insurance for individuals with unspent criminal convictions. We understand the unique circumstances and offer tailored coverage to meet your specific needs.

Our user-friendly quote and buy website guide you through a comprehensive set of questions. This allows you to accurately enter your conviction details, ensuring that we understand your situation and can provide suitable home insurance cover.

The ‘spent’ status depends on factors such as the nature of the conviction, the length of the sentence, and when it occurred.

Once a conviction becomes spent, you do not need to disclose it when insuring your home. However, it’s essential to be honest and answer any questions asked during the quote process.

Generally, motoring convictions like speeding fines are not required to be disclosed for home insurance. However, it’s crucial to read and answer all questions honestly to ensure accurate cover.

Yes, you can opt for contents-only insurance if that’s what you need. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and you might be looking for specific cover for the valuables inside your home without the need to insure the building itself. Our contents insurance policies are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your belongings, even if you have a criminal conviction.

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Understanding ‘Spent’ Convictions

Determining when a conviction becomes ‘spent’ involves considering the nature of the conviction, the length of the sentence, and when the incident occurred. Whether tried as a minor or an adult also plays a role. Once your conviction becomes spent, disclosure is not necessary when insuring your home.

While motoring convictions like speeding fines are typically not required to be disclosed for home insurance, it’s essential to read and answer all questions honestly to ensure accurate cover.

Open-Minded Approach to Home Insurance

As we specialise in Non-Standard Home Insurance, we adopt an open-minded approach with all of our customers. We gather all relevant details to provide sensible home insurance quotes based on the facts of your situation.

Whether you’ve served time, received a fine, or completed community service, we strive to offer home insurance tailored to your needs, even if you have a criminal record.

If you are seeking home insurance with criminal convictions, contact Intelligent Insurance for a quote today. Our commitment is to provide understanding and inclusive coverage for individuals with unique circumstances.

Intelligent by name, intelligent by nature. 

As the trusted choice for homeowners or tenants with unique circumstances, we invite you to discover the difference with Intelligent Insurance. Let’s work together to secure your home insurance, ensuring that you’re protected with a policy that truly understands and meets your needs.

Home Insurance with Criminal Convictions

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*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.

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