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Underpinned house insurance

If your property is underpinned, chances are you’ll need a specialist insurance policy that takes the underpinning into account. In most cases, Intelligent Insurance can arrange competitive quotes for underpinned house insurance, based on the property’s circumstances and history*.

As specialists in this field, you can trust that you are getting quality cover at a competitive price.

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An Intelligent Approach to Underpinning Insurance

Whatever the cause for underpinning, be it subsidence, landslip, or heave, the circumstances and the percentage of the property underpinned are going to be different for every home. That is why we take a practical view of underpinning insurance, finding out the precise conditions at play and the actual risks involved before quoting.

Key Features Include:

  • Underpinned house insurance with cover levels tailored to your requirements
  • High levels of cover as standard
  • Professional team to help with your questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Underpinned house insurance is a specialised policy designed for properties that have undergone underpinning or foundation reinforcement.

It’s essential because standard home insurance may not adequately cover the unique risks associated with such properties.

Getting a quote is easy. You can request an immediate online quote in most cases by providing information about your property’s history and condition.

Several factors influence the cost, including the extent of underpinning, the history of movement or subsidence, and the location of your property. We tailor our quotes to your specific requirements.

Having a Certificate of Structural Adequacy can help assess the current condition and stability of your property’s structure. It’s beneficial during the quotation process.

Absolutely. We offer contents insurance for properties that have been underpinned. Our cover is designed to protect the valuables within your home, tailored to meet the needs of underpinned properties. You have the flexibility to combine this with your buildings insurance for convenience or opt for a standalone policy, depending on your preferences. Regardless of the reason for the underpinning, your home’s contents can be fully insured, ensuring peace of mind

We offer high levels of cover tailored to your needs and have a professional team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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Benefits of Underpinned Home Insurance

We understand that underpinning is a sensible preventative measure where a property has experienced movement or is in an area prone to subsidence. Whether you require buildings or contents cover, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements and are not put off by underpinning. We consider every property individually, taking into account the history of movement/subsidence and measures taken to prevent further movement and damage.

During your quotation, where the property has been underpinned we will ask whether a Certificate of Structural Adequacy is available, which helps us to assess the current condition and stability of the structure of your property.

Get the Right Underpinned House Insurance

The circumstances of each underpinned property are different; how long ago your property was underpinned, to what extent, and whether you’ve experienced any movement or subsidence since all need to be considered. Our team is on-hand to help you with your questions relating to home insurance cover for your underpinned property.

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  • Competitive prices for underpinning insurance
  • Immediate online quotes in most cases
  • Rated Excellent for customer service
  • Underpinning Insurance with Cover Tailored to You
Underpinned House Insurance

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*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.

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