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Buildings insurance cover

Buildings Insurance Cover is more than just a policy; it’s a crucial safeguard for one of your most valuable assets – your home. Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, understanding the significance and the components of Buildings Insurance is vital.

This page highlights the key features, benefits, and considerations of Buildings Insurance Cover, providing homeowners and landlords with all the necessary information to choose the right protection for their property.

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About Your Buildings Insurance Cover

Buildings Insurance Cover is designed to protect the physical structure of your home, including walls, roofs, and permanent fixtures. It’s crucial for safeguarding your property against unforeseen damages and disasters.

Your home is unique, and so are its insurance needs. Our Buildings Insurance Cover is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalised approach to protect your home.

We understand that every property, from a city center apartment to a rural cottage, has its distinct characteristics and risks. That’s why our coverage is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your specific situation.

While the fundamental purpose of Buildings Insurance is to protect the structure of your home, our cover goes beyond the basics. We focus on comprehensive protection that addresses not just the common risks but also those often overlooked aspects of home ownership*.

  • Structural Integrity: Our policy extends to cover structural elements of your home like foundations, ceilings, and even outbuildings, ensuring that every part of your property is safeguarded against potential risks.
  • Renovation and Repair: If you're planning renovations or need to undertake repairs, our cover provides peace of mind that your investment is protected during these processes.
  • Historical and Architectural Elements: For homes with historical significance or unique architectural features, our policy takes into account the additional value and costs associated with these elements.
  • All property types and personal circumstances considered
  • Buildings Insurance cover rated 5 Stars by Defaqto
Summary of cover
Buildings Insurance Tailored to You

An Intelligent approach to Buildings Insurance

Intelligent Insurance approaches Buildings Insurance Cover with a smart, personalised touch. Understanding that each property and homeowner’s circumstances are unique, we tailor our policies to your needs.

This intelligent approach ensures that whether your home is a standard build, a listed property, or has unique characteristics, your insurance coverage is as individual as your home.

We’re committed to providing protection that adapts to your specific needs, offering peace of mind that’s as unique as your property.

What we provide

Buildings cover up to £1,000,000
To repair or rebuild your home, as standard by Defaqto, an independent financial research company
Alternative accomodation
Temporary accommodation in the event your home is uninhabitable
Replacement locks and keys
For lost or stolen keys
Trace and access cover
Replacement and repair to any parts of the building that are removed when tracing escape of water

What isn't included?

We don’t cover loss or damage
  • Caused by wear, tear or gradual deterioration
  • That occurred before the policy started
  • Caused by vermin, insects, pets
  • Caused by dishonest, wilful or deliberate acts
  • Arising from leaks from swimming pools, fixed hot tubs, jacuzzis, fixes spas
Cover restrictions
  • you are only covered up to the maximum claims limits shown on your schedule
  • you are responsible for any excesses stated in your policy
  • any exclusions or restrictions shown by endorsement in your schedule

Home Insurance Cover Levels

  • Buildings Insurance

    Cover for the main structure of your home if you need to repair or rebuild it

    Up to £1 million
  • Contents Insurance

    New for old cover for belongings kept in your home

    Up to £100,000
  • Alternative Accomodation

    Covers the costs for you and your family including pets to live elsewhere while your home is undergoing repair after an insured event

    Up to £50,000
  • Trace and Access

    Replacement and repair to any parts of the building that are removed when tracing escape of water

    Up to £5,000
  • Accidental Damage

    Cover for accidental breakages or damage to your buildings eg putting your foot through the ceiling, or accidental breakage of glass



Policy Booklet

The policy booklet explains all of the general terms and conditions that apply to your Intelligent Insurance policy and optional extra cover

Terms of Business

This important document provides details of our fees, how to cancel or complain, and details about who regulates Intelligent Insurance

Information Documents

The Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) summarise the key levels of cover and restrictions that apply

*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.

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