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Home contents insurance cover

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing belongings in your home if they’re damaged, destroyed or stolen. Contents insurance can be bought as a standalone policy, or as part of a combined home insurance policy with buildings insurance*.

Home contents insurance

About Your Contents Insurance Cover

Contents insurance serves one purpose: to protect the belongings within your home – all those items that make your home feel like yours. This includes, but is not limited to, furniture, computers, jewellery, and clothing.

Consider this: In the unfortunate event of losing all your possessions in a fire or flood for example, it would be a costly exercise to replace them.

Unlike buildings insurance, your mortgage provider won’t have a mandatory requirement for you to have contents insurance, but it’s a good idea to ensure the important things in your home are protected.

To determine the right amount of cover for your contents cover, simply calculate the total value of belongings in each room in your home.

To guard against the risk of being underinsured, many policies offer blanket coverage.
At Intelligent Insurance we provide up to £100,000 as standard coverage for Contents Insurance.

Contents insurance cover provides:

  • Up to £100,000 cover
  • New for old cover
  • Basic Home Emergency cover included free
  • Standard Family Legal Protection included
Summary of cover
Contents Insurance

What is Contents Insurance and what’s included?

Contents insurance from Intelligent Insurance provides cover for your belongings for events such as theft, malicious damage, storm, impact, subsidence, ground heave and landslip, fire, escape of water or oil.

We also provide cover for damage to food stored in a refrigerator or freezer, replacement locks and keys and occupiers and personal liability.

What we provide

Contents Cover up to £100,000
Peace of mind that you wont be underinsured
Alternative accomodation
Temporary accomodation in the event your home is uninhabitable
New for Old Cover
We will replace old items for new
Accidental loss of metered water or oil
When the loss occurs due to an insured event
Voluntary Excess
Choose the level of voluntary excess

What isn't included?

We don’t cover loss or damage
  • Caused by wear, tear or gradual deterioration
  • That occurred before the policy started
  • Caused by vermin, insects, pets
  • Caused by dishonest, wilful or deliberate acts
  • Arising from leaks from swimming pools, fixed hot tubs, jacuzzis, fixes spas
General exceptions
  • Business equipment unless requested
  • Any motor vehicle, craft or caravan
  • Animals
  • Growing trees, plants or shrubs

Home Insurance Cover Levels

  • Buildings Insurance

    Cover for the main structure of your home if you need to repair or rebuild it

    Up to £1 million
  • Contents Insurance

    New for old cover for belongings kept in your home

    Up to £100,000
  • Alternative Accomodation

    Covers the costs for you and your family including pets to live elsewhere while your home is undergoing repair after an insured event

    Up to £50,000
  • Trace and Access

    Replacement and repair to any parts of the building that are removed when tracing escape of water

    Up to £5,000
  • Accidental Damage

    Cover for accidental breakages or damage to your buildings or contents eg putting your foot through the ceiling, or spilling paint on your carpet

  • Personal Belongings

    Cover for items you take outside of the home with you, such as mobile phones

  • Specified Items

    Cover for valuable items you specific separately on your policy

  • Pedal Cycles

    Cover for our bicycle(s) when taken away from the home



Policy Booklet

The policy booklet explains all of the general terms and conditions that apply to your Intelligent Insurance policy and optional extra cover

Terms of Business

This important document provides details of our fees, how to cancel or complain, and details about who regulates Intelligent Insurance.

Information Documents

The Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) summarise the key levels of cover and restrictions that apply.

*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.