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Home insurance cover for flood risk areas

Living in a flood risk area in the UK presents unique insurance challenges, and at Intelligent Insurance, we’re dedicated to addressing these with our comprehensive home insurance solutions. Our collaboration with a select panel of insurers and Flood Re enables us to provide home insurance, designed to bring peace of mind to homeowners in flood-prone regions.

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Flood Re home insurance cover

Home Insurance in flood risk area: What’s Included?

Thousands of properties in the UK are at risk of flooding, and you live in such an area or have previously had flood damage at your property, you may find that getting home insurance with flood cover included is difficult or expensive. At Intelligent Insurance, we have been working with our panel of insurers, and Flood Re to offer this valuable cover for many properties. We provide an online tailored home insurance quote, working out your eligibility for Flood Re should you wish to include this cover.

Flood insurance covers the costs to put right the damage caused by water to your buildings and contents. This will include:

  • Alternative Accommodation Costs: If your home is uninhabitable due to flood damage
  • Debris Clearance: Including the removal of flood debris
  • Drying and Restoration: Ensuring your home is dried out and restored
  • Building Repairs: Covering damage to structures, including foundations
  • Contents Replacement: Repair or replacement of damaged items, including fixtures and fittings
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flood Re is a joint initiative between the UK Government and insurers to make flood cover more affordable and accessible for homeowners living in flood-prone areas. Established as a reinsurance company, Flood Re allows insurers to pass on the flood risk element of policies to Flood Re, which in turn helps to keep insurance premiums more manageable for properties at high risk of flooding.

This initiative aims to ensure that homeowners in flood-prone zones have access to adequate insurance coverage without facing prohibitively high costs. Through Flood Re, insurers like Intelligent Insurance can offer more competitive premiums and comprehensive cover, making it easier for you to protect your home against flood damage.

Determining whether your property is located in a flood risk area is an essential step in assessing your insurance needs. In the UK, you can easily check this by visiting the Environment Agency’s website or the Flood Map for Planning service. These resources provide detailed flood maps and risk assessments based on your property’s location. For a live view of the risk of flooding from rivers and sea, you can also refer to this interactive map. Additionally, local government websites often have information on flood risks specific to their area, such as Scotland’s SEPA, Wales’ Natural Resources, or Northern Ireland’s DFI.

For a more comprehensive understanding, consider consulting a professional surveyor who can assess your property’s risk level. Knowing your property’s flood risk status can help you make informed decisions about the type and extent of flood insurance coverage you need.

Intelligent Insurance’s flood insurance policies are designed to cover various types of flooding, including surface water flooding, river and coastal flooding, and flooding caused by rainwater runoff.

The policy covers alternative accommodation costs, debris clearance, drying and restoration of the home, building repairs, and contents replacement.

If your property has previously flooded or is in a high-risk flood area, it’s essential to consider a policy that includes flood cover.

Obtaining a quote for flood insurance is quick and straightforward. Simply fill out the quote form with your details. Within minutes, you’ll receive a competitive price proposal. Our team is ready to assist if you have any questions during the process.

Along with flood risk properties, we offer coverage for a variety of non-standard situations. Contact us for more information on the types of properties we insure.

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Why Choose Intelligent Insurance for Your Flood Risk Property?

At Intelligent Insurance, our focus is clear: to offer High Quality flood risk insurance that’s both effective and accessible. Specialising in properties in high-risk zones or those previously affected by floods, we’re adept at navigating the complexities these homes face. Partnering with Flood Re is a key aspect of our mission. This collaboration enables us to offer comprehensive yet affordable cover*. It’s our way of ensuring that homeowners are well-protected against the risks of flood damage, without facing financial strain.

Our commitment goes beyond standard solutions. We pride ourselves on crafting personalised insurance plans through an easy and adaptable online quote process, catering to the unique circumstances of each homeowner. Choosing Intelligent Insurance means gaining a trusted ally in home protection. We focus on your safety and comfort, offering expert knowledge and competitive pricing.

All of our policies are specifically crafted to shield your home from the unpredictability of flooding:

  • Tailored cover that adapts to your project's needs
  • Comprehensive protection for all stages of renovation
  • Support from our dedicated team of insurance experts
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*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.

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