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Shared house contents insurance

Living in a shared home? Whether you’re in a house share, flat share, or student accommodation, keeping your belongings safe shouldn’t be complicated. As such, Intelligent Insurance specialises in arranging shared house contents insurance, offering practical and reassuring protection tailored to your unique living situation.

Your Contents, Covered.

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What does shared house contents insurance cover?

Shared house contents insurance is here to protect your personal belongings. From theft and fire to accidental damage, our policies cover it all.

We understand that shared living comes with its own set of risks, and we’re here to make sure you only pay for the coverage you truly need.

Who needs shared house contents insurance?

We provide coverage for a variety of shared living arrangements, ensuring everyone can protect their belongings. Whether you’re a student sharing with friends, living in a house share, or if you are live-in staff such as an au pair or nanny, we’ve got you covered.

Key benefits:

  • Top-Rated Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with our Defaqto 5-Star Rated insurance.
  • Tailored for Shared Properties: Perfect for house shares, flat shares, and more.
  • Flexible Options: Customise your coverage to fit your needs.
  • Fast Quotes: Get a competitive quote quickly and easily.
  • Simple Process: Our quote process is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Optional Coverages
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Shared House Contents Cover Tailored to You

An intelligent approach to shared house contents

Our contents cover protects your belongings from theft, damage, storms, impact, ground heave, landslip, fire, and leaks.

We also cover food spoilage in your fridge or freezer, lock and key replacement, and personal liability

What we provide

Contents Cover up to £100,000
You’ll never be underinsured.
Alternative accommodation
We cover temporary housing if your home becomes uninhabitable.
New for Old Cover
We'll replace old items with new ones.
Accidental loss of metered water or oil
Covered if it’s due to an insured event
Voluntary Excess
Choose the level of excess that works for you

What isn't included?

We don’t cover loss or damage
  • Caused by wear, tear or gradual deterioration
  • That occurred before the policy started
  • Caused by vermin, insects, pets
  • Caused by dishonest, wilful or deliberate acts
  • Arising from leaks from swimming pools, fixed hot tubs, jacuzzis, fixed spas
General exceptions
  • Business equipment unless requested
  • Any motor vehicle, craft or caravan
  • Animals
  • Growing trees, plants or shrubs

Looking for extra protection? Upgrade your contents cover

  • Specified Items

    Cover for valuable items you specific separately on your policy

  • Personal Belongings away from Home

    Cover for items you take outside of the home with you, such as mobile phones

  • Accidental Damage

    Cover for accidental breakages or damage to your contents

  • Pedal Cycles

    Cover for our bicycle(s) when taken away from the home


Frequently Asked Questions

Shared house insurance, also known as housemate or tenant insurance, is essential for anyone living in shared accommodations. It protects against theft, fire, and damage to your personal belongings, giving you peace of mind and financial security.

This covers your personal belongings, offers liability coverage, and pays for additional living costs if your home becomes uninhabitable. Items commonly covered include electronics, furniture, and clothing.

Landlords are responsible for insuring the building and maintaining the property’s infrastructure. As a tenant, you are responsible for insuring your personal belongings.

We offer extra coverage options to protect your belongings. These include accidental damage, legal expenses, and valuable personal property. Our team can help you customise a policy to fit your needs.

Contents cover and accidental damage cover are both important parts of a good insurance policy, but they do different things.

Contents Cover:

This type of insurance protects your personal belongings inside your home. It includes coverage for items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and other personal possessions against risks like theft, fire, and certain types of water damage. Essentially, it ensures that if your belongings are damaged or lost due to an insured event, you can repair or replace them up to the policy limits.

Accidental Damage Cover:

This is an optional add-on to your contents insurance policy that provides extra protection against accidental damage to your belongings. For example, if you accidentally spill coffee on your laptop or break a valuable vase, accidental damage cover can help you repair or replace these items. This type of cover is particularly useful for high-risk items that are more prone to accidents.

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Arranging cover for your contents

Getting shared house contents insurance with Intelligent Insurance is a breeze. We offer quick and competitive quotes tailored to your needs. Have any questions? Our team is here to help you understand the best coverage options for your situation.

Ready to protect your belongings? Contact us today to get started with a personalised quote.

Why choose us to protect your contents?

  • Tailored Coverage: Perfect for your specific shared living arrangement
  • Quick Quotes: Get a quote in no time.
  • Expert Support: Our team is always ready to assist.
Shared house contents cover

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