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Leaving your home unoccupied for extended periods demands the right protection. Intelligent Insurance specialises in tailored unoccupied home insurance, offering cover for up to 60 days of vacancy and competitive premiums for properties left unoccupied for more extended periods*.

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If your property will be vacant for 30 consecutive days or more, it faces heightened risks. Small issues, like a minor leak, could escalate into major problems without immediate attention. Additionally, homes that appear unattended are more prone to theft, vandalism, and damage from squatters.

Standard home insurance providers often won’t provide cover for unoccupied properties, which is why you need a specialist provider. For properties like holiday homes that are often left vacant, specialized insurance is crucial.

When considering unoccupied home insurance, numerous variables come into play. Questions such as why the property is vacant, its location, and implemented security measures are vital. These factors impact the required cover and pricing.

At Intelligent Insurance, we assess all aspects before providing a quote, based on the unique circumstances.

Opting for Intelligent Insurance for your property protection offers you:

  • Up to 60 days of standard coverage for inoccupancy
  • Competitive insurance for properties left unoccupied for extended periods
  • A 5 Star Defaqto Rated Policy
  • Immediate online quote in most cases
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring the security of an unoccupied property is essential for reducing risks. Intelligent Insurance recommends implementing security measures to safeguard your vacant property. This may encompass alarm systems, as well as extending to connected cameras, wireless sensors for doors and windows, and WIFI plug socket adapters for automating lighting routines.

Such measures are not only effective but also can be implemented at a relatively low cost, offering a practical approach to maintaining the security of your unoccupied property.

If you’re planning on renovating or selling your home while it stands empty, securing unoccupied home insurance is crucial to safeguard against the specific risks associated with a vacant property. For homes undergoing renovations, this insurance can be customised to protect against potential damages that might arise throughout the renovation process, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

For properties that are on the market for sale, ensuring you have adequate cover is vital, as these homes can often remain unoccupied for extended periods.

Intelligent Insurance offers flexible policies that can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your situation, whether you’re renovating or selling your home.

Understanding the coverage limitations and exclusions is essential when selecting unoccupied home insurance. At Intelligent Insurance, our policies are designed to provide comprehensive protection for a wide range of risks associated with unoccupied properties. However, like all insurance policies, there are certain limitations and exclusions to be aware of.

These may include damages due to wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns, and certain natural disasters. Specific exclusions can also apply to properties left vacant for more extended periods without periodic inspection or certain security measures in place.

Typically, premiums for unoccupied home insurance are higher than those for standard home insurance due to the increased risks associated with properties that are left vacant.

However, Intelligent Insurance is committed to offering competitive premiums by assessing each property on its unique circumstances and implementing tailored cover solutions. By understanding and mitigating risks with appropriate security measures and maintenance, we aim to provide the most cost-effective insurance options for our clients.

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Arranging Your Unoccupied Home Insurance

Whether you’re gearing up for a period working abroad, a very long holiday or even arranging long term care for a loved one, arranging home insurance for your unoccupied property is simple with Intelligent Insurance. Using a specialist insurer who understands your circumstances can save a lot of time, money and aggravation.

Intelligent by name, intelligent by nature. 

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*We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. Cover limits/restrictions and/or conditions may apply to the policy. These are clearly detailed prior to purchase, and in the policy documentation for you to determine if the cover is suitable for your needs.

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    “…This is the first time I’ve needed to obtain house and contents insurance to cover a prolonged period of absence. I ‘talked’ to Jack on the Chat facility, he was very knowledgeable and very patient. Answered all my questions and made what was, for me, a bit of a nerve racking experience, straight forward. Incredibly, the price I paid for the extended cover was cheaper than the renewal (with another provider) for standard cover. Very happy…”

    New Policyholder – 4th July 2024

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