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Your Guide to Securing Home Insurance With a Criminal Record

This article will guide you through the steps to securing home insurance with a criminal record.

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Finding home insurance can be challenging if you have a criminal record. Many standard insurers do not cover ex-offenders with unspent convictions. Home insurers need to know about previous or pending criminal convictions. This information can affect the insurance risk. It might seem unfair, but insurers have the right to adjust the price. They can also choose not to offer cover as they see fit. This article will guide you through the steps to securing home insurance with a criminal record.

A criminal conviction can cover a range of situations and punishments, from a prison sentence, a community service order, to a fine. Most types of offence count when applying for home insurance, however minor its perceived to be.

Do I need to disclose my convictions?

Yes, if there are any ‘unspent’ convictions. When applying for insurance the duty is with the applicant to answer all questions fully and accurately due to the principle of utmost good faith.

There are only a couple of exceptions where convictions do not need to be disclosed:

• Only unspent convictions matter and need to be disclosed. Even if asked, by law you do not have to disclose any convictions that are ‘spent’. Convictions become ‘spent’ following a certain time after the date of conviction. This depends on the nature of the conviction, how long the sentence was and how long ago it was. Once this time has passed a conviction does not need to be disclosed. This is stated in law according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The government have some helpful information to calculate if your conviction is ‘spent’ or if it still needs to be disclosed. Guidance on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the Exceptions Order 1975

• Generally, you don’t need to disclose ‘motoring convictions’ such as speeding fines for home insurance, as these are not relevant to assessing home insurance risk. However, make sure to read all questions carefully and answer them honestly.

What information will need to be provided?

If you need to disclose a conviction then the insurer will likely need to know the nature of the conviction, the date of the conviction and any sentencing, included length of the sentence, any fines or community service.

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What if someone else living in the home has a conviction?

In terms of home insurance, you must disclose anyone living at the property with an unspent criminal conviction, even if they are not named on the insurance policy. This could be a relative living at the property, a spouse or even a lodger. Insurance companies need to know any information relating to this and they will need the same detail as if it was the main policyholder.

What Happens When You Don’t Disclose a Conviction?

When you don’t disclose convictions, your insurance claims may face rejection. Insurers have the authority to cancel policies if they find dishonesty in the application responses. Had insurers known about the convictions initially, they might have either not issued a policy or issued one with different terms.

Usage of This Data

Data protection laws strictly guard sensitive information like this, ensuring its confidentiality. Only relevant parties, such as insurers assessing your risk to determine your premium, receive this information. Always review the Privacy Policy of any company you share your information with to understand their data sharing practices. Companies must store all data securely and use it only as outlined in their policies.

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