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How to Get A Building on The Heritage List

Meet the criteria set by English Heritage, and you could see your property join the illustrious status of listed.

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Ever wondered how a building earns a spot on the Heritage list? If you’re considering this prestigious status for your home, you’re in the right place. Meet the criteria set by English Heritage, and you could see your property join this illustrious list.

Criteria for Listing by English Heritage

To gain a listing by English Heritage, buildings must stand out in one or more of the following ways:

  • Architectural Interest: Celebrated for innovative design, decoration, or technological breakthroughs.
  • Historic Interest: Tied to significant social, economic, or military history or linked to notable historical figures.

Typically, buildings built before 1840 with a majority of their original materials intact are strong candidates for listed status.

When you send a request to English Heritage, expect a thorough process. Their team will research, inspect the property, and then forward a recommendation to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Embarking on the Application Journey

To start, complete the Listing and Designation Application Form by Historic England online. The process is straightforward:

For urgent applications, a Fast-Track service is available, ensuring review within 12 weeks.

Fast Solutions: Temporary Listing & Immunity Certificates

Need immediate action? Consider applying for a Building Preservation Notice (BPN). It’s a swift solution, providing temporary protection by a local planning authority. Suitable for buildings facing imminent risk, it preserves their historical or architectural integrity for six months. After this period, the Secretary of State decides on the building’s future.

Alternatively, if you wish to shield a building from listing, apply for a Certificate of Immunity from Listing. Ideal for developers, this certificate blocks listing for five years. However, if rejected after Historic England’s and the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport’s review, the building might be listed.

Securing Your Listed Building with the Right Insurance

Achieving listed status calls for specialised insurance. Intelligent Insurance offers bespoke listed building insurance solutions, designed to protect your heritage property. Our team is ready to guide you to the perfect cover for any eventuality.

Discover more about our listed building insurance. Get an online quote, chat with our advisors, or call: 03333 11 11 10 for personalised advice.

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