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Why You Need Insurance for Empty Properties

Discover why specialised unoccupied home insurance is essential to protect your property and its contents.

Unoccupied house insurance

There are various reasons a property may remain vacant for an extended period. Whether you’re between moves, renovating, on an extended holiday, or dealing with an illness, it’s crucial to understand that standard home insurance typically offers no coverage for properties left empty for more than 30 consecutive days. Discover why specialised unoccupied home insurance is essential to protect your property and its contents.

Assessing the Duration of Property Vacancy

Insurance policy conditions depend on the duration of property vacancy and internal inspection frequency. If your property will be vacant for over a month, it’s imperative to explore specialist unoccupied property insurance. Most standard insurance policies only cover periods of unoccupancy for up to 30 days.

The Importance of Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied properties are susceptible to significant losses as there’s no regular inhabitant to detect emerging issues. Examples include leaking pipes causing extensive water damage or criminal activities targeting vacant properties. Thieves have been known to strip roofing tiles, steal copper plumbing, boilers, and even front doors. Additionally, vacant properties are more vulnerable to vandalism. Hence, investing in unoccupied property insurance is highly advisable, offering comprehensive protection beyond standard home insurance policies.

Understanding Insurance Coverage Variations

The scope and range of insurance coverage can vary considerably among providers. Review your policy documents to ensure your empty property insurance meets your requirements and complies with policy conditions.

Some of the most likely Insurer requirements are as follows:

  • Owners must maintain the property to a certain standard of repair externally and ensure it has a well-maintained appearance. This approach creates the impression that the property is occupied. Avoid boarding up windows, and keep the front garden tidy
  • Carry out weekly internal checks at least to preserve the external appearance and help the property appear occupied. These checks also allow for prompt reporting and addressing of any damage or issues, minimising further damage.
  • Five lever mortice deadlocks or other approved locks conforming to BS3651 on all final exit doors-Key-operated devices on all opening windows and skylights

Diverse Reasons for Property Vacancy

Properties can remain unoccupied for various reasons:

  • Relocation
  • Probate proceedings
  • Extensive renovation or construction
  • Landlords transitioning between tenants
  • Long-term illness or care

Clearly communicate the reason for your property’s vacancy to your insurance provider, along with your estimated duration. Both factors can influence coverage costs and policy validity.

Find the Right Unoccupied Home Insurance

In cases where the exact duration of coverage is uncertain, especially when waiting for a property sale or ongoing renovations, seek professional advice from our advisors or inquire about policy extensions.

Intelligent Insurance offers policies that cover up to 60 days of unoccupancy as standard, with competitive options for longer periods. Obtain immediate online quotes in most cases or reach out to our experienced UK advisors for assistance.

Contact us today to get your online quote or call our advisors at 03333 11 11 10.

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