Summary of Cover

Intelligent Insurance arranges high-quality home insurance, with cover levels that can be tailored to your requirements.

Click to view the Insurance Product Information Documents which will show you a summary of the main features of our home insurance policy, and the inclusions and exclusions that are most significant.

Intelligent Insurance home insurance is provided by a panel of insurers. Please refer to your schedule for details of the insurer(s) applicable to you. The relevant contact details for the notification of a claim will be detailed in the section headed “Need to make a claim?” typically on the last page of your schedule.

Full details of cover can be found in the Home Insurance Policy Booklet and should be read in conjunction with your policy schedule and any endorsements. All cover limits and excesses applying to each section are also shown on your schedule of insurance.

The Intelligent Insurance Home Insurance policy is an annually renewable contract.

You will find the answers to most of your questions in our FAQs section

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