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Can I add home emergency plus cover at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to add home emergency plus cover at any time during your insurance policy period. Whether you initially opted for standard coverage or are reassessing your needs, this option allows you to enhance your protection seamlessly.

Pro-Rated Premiums

Adding home emergency plus cover mid-policy is a straightforward process. We pro-rate the premium, ensuring fairness in cost allocation for the remaining months of your main home insurance policy. This flexibility empowers you to adapt your coverage based on evolving needs and circumstances.

Considerations for Enhanced Protection

Evaluate your current coverage and assess whether home emergency plus cover aligns with your home protection priorities. This additional layer of protection extends the scope of assistance during unforeseen emergencies, offering peace of mind and comprehensive coverage.

Adapting to Changing Needs

Life is dynamic, and your insurance coverage should adapt to changing needs. With the option to add home emergency plus cover at any time, Intelligent Insurance ensures that your policy remains a tailored and responsive safeguard for your home.

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