Help Centre / Can my child’s belongings be covered when they are away at university?

Can my child’s belongings be covered when they are away at university?

Yes, we ensure the protection of your child’s belongings at college, boarding school, or university, including against flood, fire, and theft in dormitories. Our policy offers an all-encompassing solution to safeguard their items during their time away.

Streamlined Student Coverage

Our policy eliminates the need for separate student content insurance by covering the unique situations of students living away from home. This simplifies the insurance experience.

Understand Your Coverage Limits

Coverage amounts vary by insurer. Review your policy schedule for specific limits to ensure your child’s possessions are adequately covered.

Ensure Tailored Protection

Familiarising yourself with the coverage details allows you to provide customised protection for your child’s items, ensuring peace of mind.

Our Commitment

We aim to offer convenience and reassurance that your child’s possessions are securely insured while they pursue their education, providing reliable insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

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