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How much is home emergency plus cover?

Adding home emergency plus cover to your Intelligent Insurance home insurance policy is a cost-effective choice. For only £57.12 per year or a budget-friendly £5.33 per month, you can enhance your coverage and gain additional protection for unforeseen home emergencies.

Comprehensive Coverage

The affordable premium for home emergency plus cover ensures that you have access to comprehensive protection. This extension adds value to your policy, covering a range of emergencies that may occur in your home.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Investing in home emergency plus cover goes beyond affordability; it provides enhanced peace of mind. Knowing that your policy includes additional protection for emergencies contributes to a sense of security for you and your home.

Simple Addition to Your Policy

Intelligent Insurance simplifies the process of adding Home Emergency Plus cover to your policy. Simply chat with our team or manage your policy directly from your online account to add this coverage.


Explore the cost-effective option of home emergency plus cover at £57.12 per year or £5.33 per month. With this addition, you can enjoy enhanced protection and peace of mind for unexpected home emergencies.

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