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How often do I need to get content cover valuations?

Valuations Frequency

While there isn’t a strict timeframe for valuations, it’s not a prerequisite for insuring items. Nevertheless, opting for valuations is advisable for accurate insurance, preventing potential losses during a claim. In cases of high-risk or high-value items, presenting proof of value and ownership becomes crucial – a comprehensive valuation serves this dual purpose.

Annual Jewellery Valuations

Consider valuing expensive jewellery annually. Market dynamics influence metal and stone prices, making frequent valuations essential. Certain policies may stipulate specific conditions regarding the frequency of valuations or inspections.

Policy Endorsements

Some policies come with specific endorsements that outline the necessary frequency for valuations or inspections. Adhering to these conditions ensures that your insurance policy remains effective, covering your valuables adequately.


By incorporating regular valuations into your insurance strategy, you not only uphold accurate coverage but also demonstrate a proactive approach to safeguarding your valuable possessions against unforeseen events.

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