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Is accidental damage cover included on my policy?

Accidental Damage Cover Overview

Accidental damage cover isn’t a default inclusion in your policy; however, it’s a valuable option that you can choose to extend for added protection. This coverage specifically addresses instances where you or your family accidentally damage your belongings.

Opt-in Flexibility

Unlike automatic inclusions, accidental damage cover requires an opt-in. Homeowners have the flexibility to choose whether they want to add this additional layer of protection to their policy, tailoring their coverage to match their specific needs and concerns.

For Both Buildings and Contents

Whether it’s for the structure of your home or the contents within, accidental damage cover can be extended to both buildings and contents policies. This versatility allows homeowners to comprehensively safeguard their property against unexpected accidents.

How to Add Accidental Damage Cover

If you decide that accidental damage cover is essential for your policy, the process of adding it is straightforward. Reach out to Intelligent Insurance to discuss your preferences and ensure that your policy aligns with your unique requirements.


By actively recognising the optional nature of accidental damage cover and the simple process to add it, homeowners empower themselves to make informed decisions, customising their policies for comprehensive protection.

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