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Is there an excess to pay on Home Emergency Insurance Cover?

Home emergency cover with Intelligent Insurance comes with the advantage of having no excess. Consequently, in the event of a covered emergency, you won’t be required to contribute any upfront payment. Notably, the absence of an excess provides peace of mind, ensuring straightforward assistance without financial burden.

Benefits of No Excess

Moreover, the elimination of excess simplifies the claims process under home emergency cover. Whether it’s a sudden burst pipe or electrical failure, you can access the necessary support without worrying about additional costs.

Ensuring Seamless Assistance

The no-excess feature ensures that when you face a home emergency, the focus remains on swift and efficient assistance. This streamlined process allows you to access the support you need without delays or financial hurdles.


Explore the convenience of home emergency cover without excess, offering seamless assistance and comprehensive financial protection in times of unexpected incidents.

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