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What are high risk or high value items?

High-risk or high-value items, as classified by Intelligent Insurance, encompass a range of precious possessions.

These include:

  • Jewellery: Adornments crafted with valuable gems and metals.
  • Precious Stones: Gemstones of significant value and rarity.
  • Clocks & Watches: Timepieces of notable worth and craftsmanship.
  • Furs: Luxurious garments made from high-quality fur.
  • Articles made from gold, silver, and other precious metals: Items fashioned from valuable metals.
  • Photographic Equipment: Specialised gear for capturing moments.
  • Binoculars & Telescopes: Optical instruments for observation.
  • Musical Instruments: Instruments valued for their craftsmanship and quality.
  • High End Hifi Equipment: Hifi separates, like speakers, turntables and amplifiers.
  • Pictures and other works of art: Artistic creations with intrinsic value.
  • Collections of stamps, coins, or medals: Assorted sets of stamps, coins, or medals with value and significance..
  • Computer Equipment: Apple Laptops, Gaming PC desktop computers & accessories

These items are automatically covered up to £2,000 per item, provided you have the correct level of valuables cover on your policy.

However, items exceeding £2,000 in value need to be explicitly named on your policy, regardless of whether they are kept within or outside your home. This precautionary measure ensures comprehensive coverage and prevents underinsurance.

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