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What is an excess?

Understanding the concept of excess is pivotal in comprehending your home insurance policy.

Claim Contribution

An excess is the predetermined amount you are responsible for paying when making a claim. It signifies your financial participation in the insurance arrangement.

Compulsory Nature

Excess is a mandatory component, and every claim will have an associated excess amount. It ensures that policyholders share a portion of the financial responsibility in the event of a claim.

Policy Specifics

The exact excess amount is outlined in your policy documentation, providing transparency about your financial commitment per claim.

Claim Resolution

When a covered event occurs, the total claim amount is calculated, and you are required to contribute the excess before the insurer covers the remaining costs.


Excess amounts can vary between insurance policies and providers. They may also differ based on the type of claim being made.

Financial Preparedness

Being aware of your excess amount enables you to financially prepare for potential claims, ensuring you understand the upfront cost associated with each incident.


Knowing what an excess entails empowers you to navigate your home insurance with clarity, fostering a better understanding of your financial responsibilities in the event of a claim.

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