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What is classed as an emergency?

An emergency, within the context of home insurance, refers to a sudden and unforeseen incident that poses an immediate health risk to you or others. Additionally, it creates a potential risk of loss or damage to your home and belongings.

Health Risk Exposure

The primary criterion for an emergency is the exposure to an imminent health risk. Whether it’s a sudden health hazard within your home, this situation falls under the category of an emergency.

Risk of Loss or Damage

Emergencies also encompass scenarios where there is a clear and present risk of loss or damage to your home or any of your belongings. This broad definition ensures coverage for various unexpected situations.

Home Uninhabitable

Another facet of emergencies is their impact on the habitability of your home. If an incident makes your residence temporarily uninhabitable, it qualifies as an emergency.


Understanding what constitutes an emergency is crucial for homeowners. From health risks to potential damage and rendering your home uninhabitable, emergencies cover a range of unforeseen incidents. This comprehensive definition ensures that your insurance coverage is responsive to a variety of unexpected situations.

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