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What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance serves as a safeguard for the possessions housed within your home, offering protection for a wide array of items, including furniture and essential elements like floor coverings such as carpets.

Personal Belongings Extension

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to enhance your coverage with a personal belongings extension. This extends the protective umbrella to items that accompany you beyond the home’s boundaries.

Tailored Coverage Options

At Intelligent Insurance, we provide a range of coverage options to tailor the protection according to your unique needs. From safeguarding your home’s interior to extending coverage to belongings on the go, our contents insurance offers comprehensive protection.


Ensure comprehensive coverage for your home’s possessions with Intelligent Insurance’s contents insurance. Tailor your policy to match your unique needs, extending protection to personal belongings both inside and outside your home. Trust in our customisable solutions to secure your lifestyle and gain peace of mind.

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