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What is legal expenses plus cover?

Legal expenses plus cover, also known as family legal protection plus cover, offers comprehensive protection for a variety of legal situations. Here’s an overview of the cover details:

Coverage Limit

Provides cover for up to £50,000* per claim, ensuring substantial financial support in legal matters.

Covered Areas

  • Consumer Pursuits: Assistance for legal matters related to consumer rights and pursuits.
  • Consumer Defence: Legal protection in consumer defense cases.
  • Property Damage: Cover for legal issues arising from property damage.
  • Property Infringement: Legal support for cases related to property infringement.
  • Property Sale & Purchase: Assistance in legal matters concerning property transactions.
  • Personal Injury: Coverage for legal issues related to personal injury claims.
  • Clinical Negligence: Legal protection in cases of clinical negligence.
  • Employment Disputes: Legal support for employment-related disputes* (Maximum claims limit of £5,000).
  • Probate & Tax Disputes: Assistance in legal matters concerning probate and tax disputes.
  • School Admission Disputes: Legal support for disputes related to school admissions.
  • Personal Identity Fraud: Coverage for legal issues arising from personal identity fraud.
  • Vehicle Cloning: Legal protection in cases of vehicle cloning.
  • Legal Defence: Assistance in various legal defense situations.
  • Social Media Defamation: Coverage for legal matters related to social media defamation.
  • 24/7 Legal Helpline: Access to a dedicated 24/7 legal helpline for guidance and support.

Take into consideration

There is a maximum claims limit of £5,000 for Employment Disputes.


Understanding the comprehensive coverage offered by legal expenses plus cover ensures that you have the necessary support for a wide range of legal situations.

Please refer to the policy book for detailed terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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