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What is My Account?

My Account is an integral part of our commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly insurance experience. This secure online portal serves as your centralised hub for managing various aspects of your insurance journey.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of obtaining a quote, actively holding policies, or considering renewals, My Account streamlines these processes for your convenience.

Key Features

Policy History

My Account preserves a comprehensive history of your insurance quotes and policies. Easily reference past interactions and decisions to stay informed.

New Policy Purchase

Initiate the purchase of a new policy directly from My Account. Enjoy a straightforward process tailored to your specific needs.

Policy Management

Make necessary changes or additions to your existing policies hassle-free. My Account empowers you with control over your insurance details.

Renewal Management

Efficiently manage and pay for renewals within the My Account platform. Stay on top of expiration dates and ensure continuous coverage.

Accessing My Account

To experience the convenience of My Account, simply click on My Account or via the link navigation menu on our website.

At Intelligent Insurance, we believe in providing not just coverage but a comprehensive and user-centric insurance experience. My Account reflects this commitment by putting the power of insurance management in your hands.

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