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What is personal belongings cover?

Personal belongings cover is a valuable addition to your insurance policy, offering protection for items you carry outside your home. This includes essential belongings like your mobile phone, bag, tablet, and more.

While the standard policy covers possessions within your home, personal belongings cover extends this protection to items you take with you on the go.

Key Features of Personal Belongings Cover:

Coverage Beyond Home

This optional extra ensures that your valuable possessions are protected beyond the confines of your home, providing a safety net when you’re out and about.

Comprehensive Protection

From your everyday essentials like a mobile phone to gadgets and accessories, personal belongings cover safeguards a range of items from potential risks such as theft, loss, or damage.

Customisable Options

You have the flexibility to tailor your coverage based on your needs. Select the appropriate level of cover, considering the total value of the items you frequently carry outside your home.

Additional Premium

While personal belongings cover enhances your policy’s scope, it comes as an optional feature requiring an additional premium. This allows you to choose the level of protection that aligns with your lifestyle.


By opting for personal belongings cover, you extend the protective shield of your insurance, ensuring that your essentials are covered, whether you’re at home or on the move.

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