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Will my pedal cycles be covered wherever I go?

When you opt for bicycle cover within your policy, Intelligent Insurance ensures that your pedal cycles are safeguarded both inside and outside your home. This comprehensive coverage extends to protection against damage and theft, provided your bicycle is properly secured with a lock.

Flexible Protection on the Move

Intelligent Insurance offers flexibility, allowing you to enjoy coverage for your pedal cycles wherever you go. This means you can pedal with peace of mind, knowing that your bicycles are protected not only against damage but also in the unfortunate event of theft when secured with a reliable lock.

Key Considerations

Coverage In and Outside the Home: The bicycle cover spans across different scenarios, offering protection in the familiar confines of your home and extending to various locations outside.

Damage Protection

Whether you encounter damage to your pedal cycles during transit or while stationary, the coverage ensures you’re financially protected.

Theft Security

Intelligent Insurance prioritises the security of your bicycles. When properly secured with a lock, the coverage includes protection against theft, providing added reassurance for your valuable possessions.


By including bicycle cover in your policy, you make a proactive choice to safeguard your cycling assets wherever your adventures take you. With Intelligent Insurance, enjoy the freedom to explore, knowing your pedal cycles are backed by comprehensive and reliable coverage.

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