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Will taking a voluntary excess reduce my premium?

Understanding the impact of a voluntary excess on your home insurance premium is crucial for making cost-effective decisions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Insurer Variation

The effect of a voluntary excess on your premium varies among insurers. In many cases, opting for a higher voluntary excess can lead to a reduction in your overall premium.

Premium Reduction Potential

When you choose a voluntary excess, insurers may offer lower premiums as you are agreeing to contribute more towards the cost of any potential claims.

Financial Considerations

While a higher voluntary excess can lead to premium savings, it’s essential to assess your financial capacity. Ensure you can comfortably cover both the voluntary and compulsory excess amounts if a claim arises.

Risk and Savings Balance

Finding the right balance between the savings gained through a reduced premium and the potential financial burden in case of a claim is key. Evaluate your risk tolerance and financial situation before deciding on a voluntary excess.

Insurer Guidance

Consult with your insurer to understand how different voluntary excess amounts may impact your premium. Insurers can provide personalised insights based on your specific circumstances.


Making an informed decision about a voluntary excess involves considering both potential premium savings and your ability to cover excess amounts during a claim. Reach out to us for guidance tailored to your policy and circumstances.

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