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Listed Building Insurance

If you’re looking for home insurance for a listed building, Intelligent Insurance will strive to find the right policy for you. Whether you’re looking for listed building insurance for a Grade 1, 2 or 2* listed building in England or Wales, a Category A, B or C listed building in Scotland, we’ll strive to find the right level of cover for your property for a competitive price.

  • Listed building insurance for Grade I, II or II* properties in England or Wales
  • Listed building insurance for Category A, B and C properties in Scotland
  • Immediate online quote in most cases

Listed Building Insurance Made Easy

insurance for listed buildingListed buildings are often considered higher risk by insurers, with specialist knowledge and understanding of the property required. Ultimately it boils down to higher rebuild costs; simply because many of the skills and materials originally used to construct the listed building are not considered mainstream today.  Read more in our article about the cost of listed building insurance.

At Intelligent Insurance we provide a tailored home insurance quote to suit your needs, taking into account your property, its construction, history and anything else that makes it unique.

Home Insurance for all Grades of Listed Building

According to English Heritage over 370,000 listed buildings exist in the UK, with the vast majority built prior to 1945. Buildings are carefully selected for listed status based on their age, heritage and historical significance. Generally speaking, all buildings built prior to 1700 and most built between 1700 and 1840 are listed, especially if they are in their original condition.  Find out more about why buildings are listed

Grade II Listed Buildings are most common amongst home owners, cited for their national importance and special interest. Grade I and Grade II* are less common and are of higher importance and interest.

Listed building status is a real accolade – an identification of architecture that should be recognised and celebrated and a sign that it will be protected by English Heritage for centuries to come. The right home insurance policy will ensure that, in the event of a claim, you are able to repair or rebuild the property to the standard set out by English Heritage, and won’t end up out of pocket.

Looking for Home Insurance for your Listed Building?

At Intelligent Insurance we understand listed building insurance and will dedicate the time and effort to ensure your property has the right level of cover.

  • All types of Listed Building considered, including homes within conservation areas
  • UK-Based customer contact team available to help with your questions
  • Competitive cover tailored to your requirements

Contact Intelligent Insurance today for a positive and fresh approach to listed building insurance.

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