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Home Insurance for Unoccupied Properties

If you are leaving a home unoccupied for long periods then it pays to have an unoccupied home insurance policy to protect your home and contents. Intelligent Insurance specialises in unoccupied home insurance, with cover for up to 60 days of unoccupancy as standard and competitive premiums for properties left unoccupied for longer periods.

  • Up to 60 days unoccupancy covered as standard; competitive cover for properties left unoccupied for longer periods
  • Immediate online quote in most cases
  • Rated Excellent for customer service

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Why Do You Need Unoccupied Home Insurance?

unoccupied house insuranceIf a property is going to be left unoccupied for 30 consecutive days or more, it is usually subject to greater risk, for example a minor leak could become a major problem if left unnoticed. Similarly, properties where it is evident that no one is at home are more susceptible to theft, vandalism and damage caused by squatters.

Standard buildings and contents policies often do not provide sufficient cover for unoccupied properties. Plus, policies will usually be deemed invalid should it come to light that the property was left unattended for 30 days or more if cover for this is not provided.

When it comes to unoccupied home insurance there are lots of variables to consider, for example; why is the property unoccupied? Where is the property located? Is there a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in place? Will there be contractors on site? What security measures have been taken? All of these things can affect the cover required and the price, which is why at Intelligent Insurance we take everything into account before providing a quote based on all the facts.

Arranging Unoccupied Home Insurance

Whether you’re gearing up for a period working abroad, a very long holiday or even arranging long term care for a loved one, arranging home insurance for your unoccupied property is simple with Intelligent Insurance. Using a specialist insurer who understands your circumstances can save a lot of time, money and aggravation. We know there can be a lot of uncertainties surrounding a property being left for any length of time, and have a customer contact team on hand should you have any questions regarding insurance for your unoccupied property.

Properties are left unattended for all sorts of reasons. At Intelligent Insurance we typically arrange unoccupied home insurance for all of these reasons and more:

  • Moving home
  • Working or Serving abroad
  • Probate
  • Renovation or restoration
  • Between tenants
  • Extended holiday
  • Hospital or long term care

Unoccupied Home Insurance

For specialist unoccupied home insurance with cover levels tailored to your requirements, call Intelligent Insurance today and speak to one of our professional team.

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