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What Is Accidental Damage Insurance Cover?

This article will talk you through what accidental insurance cover is, and why you may benefit from it.

accidental damage insurance
Accidental damage is exactly that. It is something that happens by accident or unintentionally and causes damage to your property or contents. Cover does vary from insurer to insurer so make sure you check your own policy for what is and isn’t included. This article will talk you through what accidental insurance cover is, and why you may benefit from it.

Is it worth having accidental damage cover?

Adding accidental damage cover to your policy will result in a slightly higher premium. Therefore, the decision to include it depends on your personal circumstances and the value of your possessions. A valuable question to consider is, ‘Do I possess items that I would definitely want or need to have replaced if they were accidentally damaged or broken?

If the answer is yes, adding accidental damage cover will provide you with additional peace of mind. In most cases, it will cover your items in the event of accidental breakage or damage.

You will have options to include cover for both buildings and contents combined, or just for buildings or contents separately, so you can choose what is best for you

How much is additional accidental damage cover?

There is no firm answer to this as the price of this cover will vary and will be uniquely based on your circumstances. While there are no uniform rules that dictate how insurers calculate prices, this aspect of coverage constitutes a relatively small portion of the overall policy premium. Therefore, it’s always worth considering if your circumstances warrant it.

Intelligent Insurance specialise in providing non standard home insurance for customers with unusual properties and circumstances. We can also provide cover for standard properties and situations with the same high-quality cover and service.

We always try to provide you with our best possible price for your circumstances which is why we use a panel of trusted UK insurers, including brands like LV= Broker.

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Scenarios causing accidental damage

There are so many reasons damage and accidents occur in and around the home. Here are just a few to think about that are covered under additional accident damage.


Accidents can occur when performing even the simplest DIY maintenance or home improvement tasks. Scenarios like accidentally stepping through the ceiling while in the loft, spilling paint on your carpet, or inadvertently hammering a nail into a water pipe are the types of situations that accidental damage cover would include.

Children or visits from children

Naturally, children don’t sit still for very long and are often on the move. This can lead to accidents in the home, such as televisions getting knocked off their stands, carpets getting stained from spills, and toddlers adding extra artwork to the walls! Accidental damage cover would help in these scenarios in replacement or cleaning as necessary.


It’s a common occurrence and can cause both inconvenience and permanent stains. Accidental damage cover includes mishaps like spilling a drink on a keyboard or laptop, knocking over a glass of wine and staining a carpet, or even leaving a hot iron scorch mark.

Incidents involving balls or other objects smashing windows, and cracked sinks or bathtubs would also be covered.

What isn’t covered under accidental damage?

There are some exclusions that apply under accidental damage insurance, and again it is important that you check your own policy for this detail.

As a general rule, most insurers exclude damage caused by pets, such as biting, scratching, fouling, or chewing. So, if you’re considering adding this cover because you have a new puppy joining the family, remember that pet-related damage is almost always excluded. Most insurers also exclude coverage for accidental damage resulting from infestations, vermin, or insects. Additionally, accidental damage cover is not provided for properties that are let, unoccupied, or unfurnished, or for goods used for business purposes. It also does not cover mechanical failure, routine maintenance, or general wear and tear.

It is also worth checking for any endorsements that apply to the policy when you have special or unusual circumstances. For example, if your home is unoccupied for an extended period, accidental damage is likely to be excluded from coverage during the unoccupied period. This is because accidental damage is typically caused by people. If there isn’t anyone in the property, most claims incidents will usually involve a different type of event, such as theft, fire, vandalism, for example.

Comprehensive cover for your home

To add Extended Accidental Damage cover, simply select this option when you complete your online quote. If you are already an Intelligent Insurance policyholder, adding cover couldn’t be simpler. Contact one of our advisors by Online Chat

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