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Can I pay more to get an endorsement removed?

Endorsement Significance

An endorsement serves to articulate specific terms, requirements, or limitations to your insurance coverage. It provides clarity on areas where the insurer may wish to restrict or define coverage.

Limiting Factors

Endorsements are in place to address specific concerns or risks. Insurers may choose not to offer coverage or may wish to set specific conditions, reflecting their risk assessment.

No General Option

In most cases, paying an additional premium does not enable the removal of endorsements. Endorsements are integral to policy terms and conditions, reflecting the insurer’s underwriting decisions.

Flood Exclusion Exception

The only potential exception relates to the flood exclusion endorsement.
If you have a flood exclusion and seek to add this cover, reaching out to our team allows exploration of options. We may assess eligibility for coverage through Flood Re, possibly resulting in a revised premium.


Navigating endorsements requires an understanding of their role in policy specifics. While general endorsement removal through additional payment is not applicable, exploring options in specific cases demonstrates our commitment to finding viable solutions for your coverage needs.

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