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How can I save money on buildings insurance?

Lots of factors affect your home insurance premium. The area in which you live, the size of your property, and your individual circumstances all have a bearing.

If you have a good level of home security, such as intruder alarms and approved window and door locks, you can qualify for a substantial discount. Additionally, having smoke alarms can contribute to reducing premiums.

Another factor to consider is increasing your voluntary excess. When contemplating this option, ensure that the chosen excess amount is something you can comfortably cover in the event of a claim.

Key Points

  • Factors Influencing Premiums: Geographic location, property size, and personal circumstances are key factors impacting home insurance premiums.
  • Home Security Discounts: Investing in home security measures, including intruder alarms and approved locks, can result in significant premium discounts.
  • Smoke Alarms: The presence of smoke alarms is highlighted as a positive factor that can help lower insurance premiums.
  • Voluntary Excess: Increasing your voluntary excess is presented as a potential money-saving option, with a caution to choose an amount that you can afford to pay in case of a claim.


This topic provides practical tips on saving money on buildings insurance by addressing various factors that influence premiums. It emphasises the importance of home security, the installation of smoke alarms, and the consideration of a higher voluntary excess as potential strategies for cost reduction. It is always recommended that homeowners aim to balance cost-saving strategies with ensuring they have the means to cover expenses should a claim arise.

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