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What does contents insurance cover?

Intelligent Insurance contents policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring your peace of mind in various scenarios.

Explore the key aspects of our coverage:

Up to £100,000 Coverage

Enjoy substantial coverage for your household contents, with a generous limit of up to £100,000. This extensive coverage provides financial security in the face of potential loss or damage. Additionally, our policies are flexible, allowing you to tailor the limits to align precisely with your unique needs and possessions.

High-Risk Items Coverage

Safeguard your high-value items with our specialised coverage. Whether it’s jewellery, watches, clocks, musical instruments, or works of art, each item is protected for up to £2,000 by default, providing an added layer of security. For specific items exceeding this limit, you have the flexibility to specify individual coverage requirements.

Alternative Accommodation

Intelligent Insurance goes beyond standard coverage by ensuring you have a comfortable place to stay in the unfortunate event that your home becomes uninhabitable due to loss or damage. This additional provision underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive support during challenging times.

Special Event Coverage

Celebrate life’s significant moments with confidence, knowing that Intelligent Insurance offers additional coverage for special events. Whether it’s your wedding day, the festive Christmas period, or other religious festivals, our policies extend to protect your cherished moments, acknowledging the importance of these occasions in your life.

New for Old Cover

Embrace the ‘new for old‘ principle embedded in our policies. This ensures that in the event of damage or destruction, your possessions are replaced with brand-new equivalents. This forward-looking approach allows you to restore your belongings without considering wear and tear, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution.


With Intelligent Insurance contents coverage, you not only receive financial protection but also benefit from added flexibility, support, and personalised solutions. Our commitment is to provide coverage that aligns with your unique lifestyle and priorities.

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