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Home Insurance for People with Convictions

If you have an unspent criminal conviction it is often difficult to find home insurance, with many insurers simply refusing to provide home insurance for people with convictions.  As a specialist home insurance provider, Intelligent Insurance are here to help provide home insurance for those with criminal convictions.

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home insurance for people with convictions

Looking for Home Insurance with Unspent Criminal Convictions?

If you’re looking for home insurance and have an unspent criminal conviction, Intelligent Insurance can usually help. We are able to arrange high-quality home insurance for most personal circumstances, including people with unspent criminal convictions.

It is important that we fully understand the circumstances and criminal history in order to establish whether we can arrange suitable cover, as the type of offence committed and sentence you have been given need to be taken into account. Our home insurance quote and buy website asks a comprehensive set of questions to allow you to enter your conviction circumstances accurately, and to enable you to get home insurance with a criminal record in most cases.

When is a conviction ‘Spent’?

This will depend on the nature of the conviction, how long the sentence was and how long ago it occurred.  It will also depend if you were tried under the age of 18, or as an adult.  Once your conviction becomes spent, you will not need to disclose this to insure your home.

For home insurance generally it is not required that you disclose ‘motoring convictions’ as speeding fines, for example, are not considered pertinent to the home insurance risk. However, its important you read any questions being asked, and answer them honestly.

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Open Minded Home Insurance for People with Convictions

At Intelligent Insurance we look at the whole picture; we find out all the relevant details and provide sensible home insurance quotes based on the facts of your situation. Whether you have served time or been issued with a fine or community service, we aim to provide you home insurance with a criminal record.

If you are looking for home insurance with criminal convictions then contact Intelligent Insurance for a quote today.

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