We continue to operate business as usual and our opening hours remain the same. You will be able to reach us using all communication methods, the fastest way is by Online Chat but all other methods are available as detailed on our Contact Us page

We don’t anticipate any delays but due to social distancing we have a reduced staff in the office, so if we do take a little longer than usual to deal with your query we thank you for your patience. We aim to maintain our usual high standards of service without interruption.

Some of the most common questions we are being asked during this unusual time are shown below, and this may help you with your concerns:

As I’m now working from home due to government restrictions, do I need to let you know?
As these measures are temporary, we do not need to know you are home working, UNLESS it involves visitors entering your home, employees working at your home or any activities OTHER than clerical work.  If working from home becomes a permanent arrangement once the Coronavirus outbreak has ended, we will need to be informed that you are a permanent home worker.

Now that I am working from home, is my office equipment covered?
If you own the office equipment (ie laptop/PC) it’s covered automatically (contents section) while you’re using it to carry out your work from home. If you have equipment at home owned by your employer for use during the Coronavirus outbreak, this is not covered..

My building works / renovation are being delayed to due Coronavirus. What do I need to do?
If this means that either your home will be unoccupied or the duration of the works will be longer than you first disclosed, please get in touch with us so we can correct your policy.  It is very important that your home is not left in a situation when work is partly finished and is it exposed to weather or is unsecure. If this is the case please make sure you get in contact as soon as possible.

Due to restrictions on travel, I cannot carry out the checks required on my unoccupied property – do I need to tell you?
It’s best to tell us about it as we have a panel of insurers, but needless to say they are sympathetic to the issue and will be as flexible as they can be. Where you can’t meet conditions we do ask you to protect your property as well as you can within government guidelines. For example, do you have a trusted person local to the property you could ask to check on it (internally and externally) as part of their daily exercise? If you can, arrange to turn off the water to the property as this will help to prevent any damage that can be caused by escape of water.

As I cannot rent my holiday home / second home out at the moment, am I covered for loss of income?
No, as this is a personal lines home insurance policy. If you have separate commercial cover, you can check to see if this covers any loss of income from renting. We would also direct you to look at the government websites on this topic for advice relating to loss of income: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/government-support-available-for-landlords-and-renters-reflecting-the-current-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak

I’m experiencing financial difficulty directly due to Coronavirus – what should I do?

If you would like to talk about your home insurance policy because you are considering cancelling or changing it, please talk to us via Online Chat where we can discuss options with you. We will make every effort to find a solution for you, where possible, and ensure that you’re treated fairly.

If you pay your premium monthly and are worried about making the monthly payments, you may qualify for a payment holiday of up to three months. We can’t do this here at Intelligent Insurance as it must be agreed directly with the credit provider, Premium Credit Limited. Contact them here: https://www.premiumcredit.com/contact

Please always try to reach us using Online Chat in the first instance as this is the quickest and easiest way.

Here’s how to get in touch to deal with other situations relating to your home insurance policy:

Making a claim


Our insurance providers continue to offer fully serviced claims telephone lines, and in the first instance you should continue with the existing process for reporting a claim.  Your Policy Schedule details your insurers name – visit: https://www.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/customers/claims/
Setting up a new policy


In the first instance contact us by Online Chat: https://www.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/chat/

We can help you complete an online quote application, or run through a new quotation and take payment

Renewing a policy


If you have received your renewal invitation and been invited to renew online, visit: https://renewals.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/login

If you pay by direct debit, your policy will automatically renew – check your email for your renewal documentation

Cancelling a policy


Please see our Cancellations page for details on how to cancel your policy.
Adding / removing cover and changes to circumstances


The quickest and easiest way to do this is via Online Chat: https://www.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/chat/

Please see our Amend Your Policy page for details of how to make a change to you policy.

Payment queries If your query relates to your direct debit with Premium Credit, visit:

https://digital.premiumcredit.com/ or https://www.premiumcredit.com/contact or call them on 0344 736 9836 Please have your Premium Credit reference beginning with a “D” ready, OR your Intelligent Insurance policy number.

For all other payment queries, contact us via Online Chat:


Any other query In the first instance contact us by Online Chat: https://www.intelligentinsurance.co.uk/chat/

If your query is not urgent, email us, quoting your policy or quote reference number: contactus@intelligentinsurance.co.uk

To keep up to date with the general advice on the crisis, please read the information the Government is sharing and consult the NHS website for health advice.

We will continue to monitor and update the information as it develops.

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