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Accidental Damage

What is accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage covers your contents if you or your family damage them accidentally, for example spilling wine on your sofa or knocking over and smashing an ornament. It’s ideal if you have children in the home but it doesn’t cover damage made by pets (for example biting, scratching or chewing), or when the property is let, unoccupied or unfurnished, or for goods used for business

Is accidental damage cover included on my policy?

Accidental Damage cover is not automatically included in your policy but you can extend your cover to include it.  If this is something you would like to add to your buildings or contents policy, speak to one of our team  

Contents At University

What possessions are covered while my child is away at university?

Anything that is classed as Contents such as clothing, books, sports equipment, electronic gadgets, laptops subject to the cover limits and exclusions shown in your policy schedule

Is my child's bicycle covered while they are away?

Yes, as long as you have added Bicycle cover to your policy for the replacement value of the bicycle.  The bicycle would need to be properly locked to an immovable object when not being used.

Can my child’s possessions be covered when they are away at university?

Yes, we provide cover for damage from flood, fire and theft whilst they are living away from the home at college, boarding school or university whilst staying in halls. You may not need separate student content insurance. The amount of cover can vary depending on the insurer that provides a quote.  If you have a policy with us, check your policy schedule for the cover limits.

Contents Cover

Does contents insurance cover my bicycle?

Cover for bicycles is only included where you have opted to add pedal cycle cover to your policy, and specified each individual bike.  Where a bicycle has been specified, it is covered for damage, and theft up to the claims limit for the bicycle. If a bicycle was stolen from an outbuilding, the amount you could claim would depend on both the maximum claims limit and the type of security in place.

Are the contents of my shed or garage covered?

Yes, we cover as standard contents in a locked outbuilding up to the value of £5,000.  You may be able increase this level of cover.

Are the contents of my freezer covered?

Yes, fridge and freezer contents are covered up to the value of £750

What does 'new for old' mean?

New for old is the term used to describe the basis of how an insurer will replace any possessions that are damaged or destroyed.  Items will be replaced with a new one, irrespective of their age.  For example, if your 7 year old television is destroyed in a fire, the insurer will provide you with an equivalent model at today’s prices (i.e. the value to cover the cost of purchasing a new one). No deductions are made for wear and tear.

What incidents or events are covered by contents insurance?

Intelligent Insurance policies offer cover for damage to contents from the following events: - Fire - Riot, civil commotion and labour or political disturbances and strikes - Malicious damage - Impact from aircraft (or other flying devices), or anything dropped from them, vehicles or trains, falling aerials or masts, falling trees or branches, animals - Storm, flood or weight of snow -Subsidence or ground heave of the site the buildings stand on, or landslip - Escape of water from, or freezing in any fixed domestic water or drainage installation, heating installation, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer or water bed - Theft or attempted theft - Escape of oil from a fixed, domestic, oil-fired heating system You also benefit from the following cover: - Accidental loss of metered water or oil - Damage to food in fridge or freezer - Alternative accommodation - Replacement locks and keys - Change of address – contents cover - Contents in transit - Death benefit - Damage as a tenant - Increased cover for special events - Loss of use of broadband / internet - Contents at university and guests contents - Shopping in transit - Theft by bogus official - Medical equipment on loan - Jury service – loss of earnings - Damage by emergency services - Electronic data - Contents temporarily away from home

What does contents insurance cover?

Intelligent Insurance contents policies cover you as standard for: - Up to £100,000 to cover loss of or damage to your household contents – you can increase the limits if you need to - Cover for high risk items such as jewellery, watches, clocks, musical instruments and works of art (maximum £2,000 per item unless specified) - Somewhere else to stay if your home cannot be lived in following loss or damage - Additional cover for your wedding day, Christmas period and other religious festivals - New for Old cover

Contents In The Open

Is my patio covered?

Yes if you have buildings insurance cover.  Patios, walls and fences are permanent fixtures and are therefore not classified as contents. Contents in the open are items that you can move around such as garden furniture or plant pots, and cover can vary by underwriter up to £1,000

What is 'contents in the open'?

Contents in the open are your possessions that are left outside inside the boundary of your home, for example garden furniture, patio heaters and ornaments.


What items should I include in contents insurance?

The easiest way to work this out is to think of contents as being anything you would take with you if you moved house (including carpets and curtains and any white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers etc). It’s worth a wander through your rooms at home (including your garage, shed and loft) to work out what it would cost to replace your items as new if you lost everything.  Don’t forget to include items such as furniture, jewellery, electronics and clothing. Try to be as accurate as you can with this as if you underestimate how much your contents are worth, you could receive a lower pay-out than you need in the event of a claim.

What is the difference between contents insurance and home insurance?

Home insurance is the term used to describe the combined cover of both buildings and contents insurance.  Contents insurance covers the belongings within your home.

Can I buy contents insurance without buildings insurance?

Yes, you can.  You may not own the property in which you live, or your contents policy may be due at a different time to your buildings policy, so the two can be purchased separately, and with different providers if you wish. We would always recommend purchasing contents insurance and building insurance together where you own your property, as most companies will offer a discount for combining the two elements, but this is not essential.

Do I have to have contents insurance?

There is no legal requirement to have cover for the contents you own.  However, it is always advisable to take out contents insurance as you could find it difficult to replace your possessions in the event of a total loss claim.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance provides cover for the possessions within your home, including floor coverings such as carpets. You can also choose to include cover for items you take outside of the home with you.  This is called personal belongings cover.

Pedal Cycles

Are my pedal cycles covered when I am abroad?

You can choose where you would like your bicycles to be covered ranging from the UK to Worldwide cover.

Will my pedal cycles be covered wherever I go?

If you have chosen to include bicycle cover as part of your policy, they will be covered in and outside of the home for damage and for theft when secured with a lock

Does contents insurance cover my bicycle?

Cover for bicycles is only included where you have opted to add pedal cycle cover to your policy, and specified each individual bike.  Where a bicycle has been specified, it is covered for damage, and theft up to the claims limit for the bicycle. If a bicycle was stolen from an outbuilding, the amount you could claim would depend on both the maximum claims limit and the type of security in place.

Personal Belongings Away From Home

Am I covered when taking my items on holiday?

Yes, you are covered in Europe. Anywhere else in the world you are covered up to a maximum of 60 days in each period of insurance.

How much personal belongings cover can I have?

You can select the right level of cover for you up to the value of £20,000. Any single item worth over £2,000 will need to be specified on the policy as a separate item

What is personal belongings cover?

It covers you for items that you carry with you outside of the home such as your mobile phone, bag, tablet etc. Personal belongings cover is an optional extra that you can include on your policy for an additional premium.

Specified Items

How often do I need to get content cover valuations?

There is no set timeframe for valuations, and it is not essential in order to get items insured.  It is however advisable to get your pieces valued so you can insure them correctly and won’t miss out in the event of a claim.  Should you have to make a claim for a high risk or high value item, you will be asked to prove its value and ownership – a valuation can do both of these. Expensive items of jewellery should ideally be valued annually, as the prices of metal and stones can change frequently. Some policies are endorsed with certain conditions where it stipulates the frequency of valuation or inspections needed

What high risk items do I need to disclose on my insurance?

All high risk items are automatically covered up to £2,000 per item, as long as you have the correct level of valuables cover in total on your policy.  This is why it is essential for any insurance policy not to underestimate possessions and be under insured. If you own something worth more than £2,000 you will need to name it separately on your policy whether you take it outside the home or not

What are high risk or high value items?

Intelligent Insurance classify high risk items as:

- Jewellery
- Precious stones
- Clocks & Watches
- Furs
- Articles made from gold, silver and other precious metals
- Photographic Equipment
- Binoculars & Telescopes
- Musical Instruments
- Pictures and other works of art
- Collections of stamps, coins or medals
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